DOBRONOMIKA is business incubator of social projects.

We transfer orders to the restaurants, and the restaurants make donations to charity funds (NGO).

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*menu, prices, meal preparation and delivery time are equivalent to the restaurant’s and other food delivery services offer.

BONO receives orders from its users for food delivery from restaurants. Then the order is transferred to the restaurant, where it is completed fully: the restaurant cooks, delivers the food and receives the payment.

At the end of each month restaurants make donations to friendly charity funds. Donations are willing and restaurants make decisions about amounts on their own.

*BONO just transfers orders to restaurants and is not involved in any financial transactions – the restaurant directly settles the bill with the client. Moreover, BONO does not take any commissions from the restaurant, as it is a volunteer-based charity project.

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Download BONO information leaflet, print it and post it in your flat block entrance, in your elevator or at work.

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For example: «I support people in need simply by ordering food with this service, and the prices are the same as everywhere!»

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We have plenty of interesting tasks. Join us as a volunteer and together we will advance to a new level! During the testing period you will be able to enhance your personal efficiency, establish close relationships with the team members and with their support you will achieve great personal results.


Dobronomika and the BONO-service team consists of more than 70 episodic and permanent volunteers (not motivated financially). We consider crucial the fact that we have engaged many people and companies in helping us PRO BONO («for the public good»).